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Best specialists of oral and written translation work in Leader ICC company. Each of them has a wide experience of work and is specializes on a certain subject.

We are confident that professional translation must be perfect from any point of view: it is not only about conveying the meaning that will be very close to original, but is also about keeping intonations, moods of the things said or written. This is the only case when services really can be considered as high quality ones.


Leader ICC provides professional translation services at following subjects: economics, technical part, law. That makes sure each customer will fulfil all his demands, no matter how complicated the problem is.


Translation service for your business by Leader ICC is the choice of perfect quality, efficiency, serious individual approach to each task, which puts the customer needs above everything else.


Service cost:

Consecutive interpretation (Chinese)

Tariff rate: one hour / eight-hour day

General non-specialized subjects (meeting at the airport, shopping, leisure) – 1700 rub per hour / 10880 rub per 8 hours.

Public actions, non-specialized translation (business meetings, conference, interview, negotiations, seminars, trainings) – 2300 rub per hour / 14720 rub per 8 hours.

Specialized translation (requiring preliminary preparation and knowledge of a certain equipment, system, laws) – 2800 rub per hour / 17920 rub per 8 hours.



1) In case of the ordering consecutive interpretation on a full-time discount of 20% is applied (prices in the price-list for full-time are calculated considering this discount).

2) In case of the one-time ordering more than 100 000 rub. The discount is 5%.

3) In case of long and permanent job more than three days, the prices are discussed individually.


Translation (Chinese, English)

Price for 1 page from language/ into language

Subjects: technical, legal, commercial and other - 800/950 rub

Price for 1 page from language/ into language

Subjects: medical, art, scientific, publicity and other highly specialized - 1100/1250 rub


A single order discounts for the following amount of translated documentary:

20 + pages – 3%

80 + pages – 5%

150 + pages – 7%

250 + pages – 10%


Other conditions:

1) Minimum order – 1 page

2) Standard page – 1800 characters including spaces (calculation for Russian text)

3) Standard translation speed – 5-8 pages per day

4) The allowance for the urgent translation (to 15 pages per day) – from 20 to 100% of an order amount. In case of the urgent translation no discount might be applied.