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Our customers get legal and accounting support, assistance in developing of business plan, so-called "road show" service (a tool to promote the company, improve its image and increase the investment attractiveness), brand promotion plan, access to media, search of suppliers and other specialized consulting services.

We help with purchasing high-quality equipment and raw materials from Chinese manufacturers by production price, which greatly simplifies clients’ activity within looking for proper manufacturer, that would meet the all necessary criteria.

We are neither a broker or intermediary company. Our company provides a range of services, which leads to signing the direct contracts with manufacturers.

We guarantee high quality, the lowest price and provision of after-sales service.

We start working by a request received.


The list of services which are provided by the company:

  1. Preparation of commercial offers for products from manufacturers in China.
  2. Marketing research of market trends for Chinese advanced equipment and products.
  3. Free translation while business trip in China, hotel and flight tickets booking, time coordination and provision of information about industrial enterprises in China.
  4. Currency exchange and money transfer.
  5. Monthly reports on the safety of manufacturers and companies in China (including short data on factories and enterprises, production scales, current financial transactions, etc.)
  6. Lending services.