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Leader ICC company creates a new Russian-Chinese platform "business to business" (B2B) based on available resources.

This platform, on one hand, has its project department in Russia and China which selects the best individual and state projects that might be carried out, while such systems services as "online-to-offline" and "standardization + individualization" helps to find interested investors for every concrete project. On the other hand, it creates a project plan for the interested investors, and at the same time, Leader ICC provides a range of supporting services from initialization of the project until it’s fully implemented, such as translation, legal services, financial support and consulting, logistics and other services.

Today capital markets of both countries are very active, but investors who only pursue personal benefit and fictitious projects exist at the same time as well. Thus, in order to set the platform directed on two sides contact stimulation, Leader ICC has established audit department for project funds in Russia and China to improve inspection standards of projects and investors. Leader ICC doesn’t provide any service to financing projects or investors, that haven’t passed through the inspection.

Based on double-side responsibility principles of projects and investors, Leader ICC is directed to find proper investors for each inspected project and to help funds enter the worthy ones.



Marketing concept

In nowadays society many enterprises, government and financial institutions as well as individuals input a lot of energy, material resources and funds to implement cooperation between projects and investors.

All attention is focused on getting the most useful information quickly, reducing the cost of information which is being received, improving information exchange, etc. However, directing all platform resources to establish contacts between investors and projects without considering unworthy projects and false investors within any kind of industry leads to condition when stable and trustable projects get no investing, while stable capital is being invested to weak projects.

Leader ICC is constantly striving for perfection, that’s why it provides high quality services only for inspected projects and investors, basing on a guarantee of the transaction success, it becomes the investment and financial bridge between Russia and China.


Production model

Leader ICC intends to create united stable service system, so that "online-to-offline" and other multi-task service systems could provide successful connection for projects and investors. Therefore, the attentive service model is offered to project holders and investors:

1. Information exchange service in real time mode

No matter Chinese or Russian project, all resources are directed to search for investors at any time, that makes cooperation between Russian and Chinese investors and project holders independent, with no intermediaries and obstacles.

2. Top-level investment club

Russian-Chinese investment club concept implies the investment, financial information, researches and other kinds of exchange between each club member.

3. United team organization

Leader ICC has carried out complete preparation for cooperation of projects and investments of the Russian-Chinese project called "One Belt — One Way": it established the projects audit department, which guarantees projects’ realization, gathered a professional team of translators, ensure the safety and free access to finance in the legal process for both sides. And, in conclusion, after the projects’ start it provides constant maintenance and assistance in transportation and trade aspects of all special objects.