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Leader ICC is committed to creating a professional platform for sharing of financial and investment services between Russia and China, adhering to China economic strategy of "One zone - one way". By using the service systems such as "online while offline" and "standardization + individualization" we provide customers with a list of address information services for projects’ financing and investments. With this platform projects and investors get not only actual information, investment and feedback, but also a range of professional services, such as translation, legal services, logistics, business planning, brand promotion, "road show "(a tool to promote the company by improving its image and increasing the investment attractiveness), information flow through media and other services.

Leader ICC provides an excellent professional platform of sharing financial and investment services for the best Russian-Chinese projects, and as for "One zone - one way" strategy, there is a full range of financial services provided through the visible transparent exchange of real investment and financing, resolving conflicts between Russian-Chinese projects and investors, which also eliminates the difficulties of communication, critical distrust moments for both sides and other issues.