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Our mission: external strategy of providing services to individuals and companies, helping them to expand the influence abroad and attract investment for Chinese and Russian markets.

Or prospects: the creation of the first Russian-Chinese foreign investment site.

Company key values: honesty, reputation and pursuit of excellence.

Marketing concept: non-stop pursuit of excellence.

Operating concept: scientific character, carefulness, integrity, faith.

Employees: high-level specialists, each expert fully implements his skills.



«Leader» investment and consulting company was established in 2015, the head office is in St. Petersburg, Russia. Owned by «Leader Group» Corporation, which is one of five largest Russian real estate and building development companies, «Leader» with its favorable geographical position, investment channels and public resources adheres to an accurate progress of the Russian political economy, contributing investors to avoid the investment risks abroad and to let them maximize the investment returns.

The company strengthens the bilateral China-Russia trade relations to create more favorable platform for trading investments. Business management concept consists of three components: sincerity, reputation, the pursuit of excellence, which guarantees providing the most convenient, accurate and safe type of investing and the investment environment for both Chinese and Russian side.

Leader Investment & Consulting company is a group of highly qualified professionals, who provide highly efficient service favoring the accelerating of Chinese-Russian projects development, is always actively searching for the best investment opportunities. Therefore, Leader ICC in all its sincerity provides services to customers from both countries, and at the same time, Chinese customers are provided with the appropriate reliable business base, that is appropriate according the policy of Russian Federation.

If we take a quick look to the future, we would state our long-term prospective as the innovation development and the self-brand creating. Leader ICC consists of professional experts, talented students graduated from well-known domestic and foreign universities, upscale investment consulting specialists, lawyers who perfectly know Russian legislation, and best translators and interpreters you can find. The ability to see through Russian and even West European markets contributes to company's outcome to the highest international level. 



Since the foundation, Leader Investment & Consulting company is working hard to help Chinese enterprises and individuals contribute to development of Russian investment sector, seeking for establishing a good strategy and partner-relations between two countries in trade and industry sectors. In addition, we are fostering the expansion of foreign markets and the completion of investment projects.



Leader Investment & Consulting company is based on a solid foundation and implements the development strategy continuously introducing innovations in the management models, creating an excellent corporate culture. We actively conduct the research on foreign trade relations between China and Russia, also we are using all opportunities for converting it into the safest, the fastest and the most outstanding investment and consulting company. We are accelerating country foreign trade speed, providing service for enterprises, as well as for individuals carrying individual investments, while our employees constantly increase an individual value at the labor market.



In 2006 Leader company’s Chinese partner founded a contracting construction organization named Sk. Crown, ltd., whose main activity was concentrated at contract construction sector, and after several years of hard work the company had reached its developed state and since then can carry out the development projects in amount of 2 billion rubles every year.

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Directors Board Chairman Mr. Wang Fei

Leader Investment & Consulting company since its foundation had been working on foreign investments development and now is in the state of a constant search, conducting the work process by considering such factors, as platform, system, investments, trade and others.

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We accelerate foreign trade of the country by providing services to companies and individuals with individual investments, our employees increase the individual value in the labor market.


We are actively researching the directions of foreign trade between China and Russia, using all opportunities for turning Leader ICC into the most safety, fast and outstanding investment and consulting company.

Aspiration of new

We are conducting the development strategy by continuous introducing innovations in the management model and creating a great corporative atmosphere.


Leader ICC is based on a solid basis.